Precious readers, I have gallantly returned to my icicle homeland for some mince pies and general merriment. It's bizarre to be somewhere with so few curveballs, a place that I have known my entire life. I'll allow myself to enjoy it for now.

The months since I last wrote were packed with jam and earthquakes. After wrapping up my time with the ladies of En Vía, five of my family flew over the Atlantic to spend a fortnight rattling around Quintana Roo, the Yucatán, Chiapas and Oaxaca (shocker). It felt so special to see them fall unexpectedly in love with a country that I adore so much. Having endured years of me rabidly gushing about Mexico, it was as if they were finally putting a face to a name.

And listen, I know I keep banging on about it, but the diversity of this bloody country is simply jaw-dropping. Just five months spent south of the capital revealed a dizzying kaleidoscope of cultural intricacies, a staggering variety in ecosystem and, above all, the warm embrace of it's people. What became apparent to my family was that from the very moment you land, you are in Mexico, ready or not. You're eating their food, seeing in their colours, speaking their language, celebrating their heritage. I realised that maybe that's why I love it so much, a country secure enough in its own identity to bring you in without selling itself out.

Here are a few photos from those ten weeks in Mexico (you’ll find more scattered around on other pages if you care to take a peek). I also plan on writing a lil something about the Día de los Muertos celebrations this year in both San Cristóbal de las Casas and Oaxaca, and also about my weeks in Costa Rica!

So as usual it’s another “catchyal8r” from me to Mexico. Every time I leave, I do so with more reasons to return. 

mexico im under ur spell bb. hasta pronto

Boom Oaxacalaca

Hello Wembley!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. It's really here. A milestone-worthy 20th day in my beloved Oaxaca, Mexico. The city is how I remembered; deliciously colourful, infectiously friendly and profoundly lit (even despite the blOOdy terrifying earthquake the other night). 

Plants grow inside a greenhouse designed by Francisco González Pulido

Lucía and her daughter

A view of Oaxaca from Monte Albán

I'll be here for another 5 weeks working with Fundación En Vía and bartending at Azul Cielo in exchange for an almost-comfortable bunkbed&breakfast. Photographing the women supported by En Vía has been an important education in Zapotec culture, portraiture, sustainability and responsibility. I feel so grateful to be interacting with and learning from a community that is so unabashedly open and eager to share their lives with me. 

And my new camera!!!!! omg, Sony, you wizards. It's like I've been cheating at photography ever since the devils of depth and detail and dynamic range died at the hands of this actual "beast" camera. Any picture I take is just good and I don't even have to try, and boy oh girl am I gonna get lazy.

Colourful flags hang from the church in Santiago Ixtaltepec

Colourful flags hang from the church in Santiago Ixtaltepec

A storm appears over Oaxaca

Women remove weeds from the stones in the Santo Domingo monastery

People shelter themselves from the torrential rain

I hope you can see how much I adore this place through these photos, I'm so excited to take/share more pictures of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Yucatán and Costa Rica over the coming months. But for those who are hungry, here are a few that sum up these first ****20 DAYS**** [[[airhorn noises]]]📣📣📣

Hasta pronto,



Golly gosh, hwhat a hwhile its been.

First things first, I bought a scanner! I feel like a big boy with big boy possessions, I mean how could I top a scanner? Perhaps a mORTGAGE??!? lol. Anyway, I've been busy getting fingerprints and a seemingly endless amount of dust all over my precious negatives and bumbling my way through digitising a years worth of Yashica adventures. And despite the one complEtely foiked roll, I am vvvv happy with what I have!!!! It's cool to study them and figure out what's working and what isn't, be it the camera or the lighting or the subject or me (usually me), and let these guide me in the future!! So please flick through the pics below and appreciate!!

Second things third, I'm getting v close to jetting off to las Americas juance again!! I leave the UK mid-August to squeeze in a cheeky visit to New York City before slingshotting myself into glorious Oaxaca City for the autumn! Hopefully I'll also have a brand spanking new camera in tow and boy oh girl I cannot wait to take so many photos of Oaxaca and the En Vía ladies and Mexico in general aghhh!!!

I feel so lucky to have all of this align so well and I'm determined to get as much as I can out of this opportunity. Yayyayayayay!! 💃💃💃💃💃

Love u all!!