Hey hey hey, long time no squeak

So I thought I would give anyone who's interested an update on my current and future travel plans for this shiny new 2017 year. I know you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats.

To start off, I'm writing this post from Australia. I gave into temptation and escaped the always dreary British wintertime in favour of a rather glorious New South Wales summer. I'm living with my "family down unda", and am mostly eating many barbecued foods and applying suncream. I'll be here until mid-April-ish.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

I've picked up a couple jobs here and have been spending much of my time deciding how to spend money I haven't got yet. I've more or less settled on a few things:

  1. Buying a new camera. I want to make sure that, for my upcoming trips, I can really do the locations justice. And although I like the one I have now, I just know that there is another level I could "unlock" with a better camera. So that's where a lot of my cashdollamoolah will be going.
  2. Very slightly pushing back my trip to the 'stans and the Himalayas. Initially I intended to leave for Kazakhstan in September 2017, and spend around 6 months travelling from Almaty to ... Bhutan? Myanmar? Never really settled on a finishing point. However, it's looking like my immediate family will be out here in Australia next Christmas, which would only give my 3-4 months to do the trip. Do not want that kinda limitation. So I'm moving it to (probably) an early 2018 start, and doing the trip in reverse, working my way from Southeast Asia back towards the UK.
  3. Trans-Mongolian Railway. I already have a return plane ticket to the UK from Sydney via Guangzhou. However, the Trans-Mongolian is something I've wanted to do for a very long time and why the Hell shouldn't I do it this year? I've got nothing going on. My rough idea is to take half the flight to Guangzhou, pay my brother a quick visit in Zhuhai, leg it up to Beijing, and take the train all the way to Moscow! It's a hop-on hop-off kinda deal, so I'll be visiting parts of Mongolia and Siberia on the way and omg im so exciitiitititited :)))))
Wilkie and Billy go surfing

Wilkie and Billy go surfing

So there we are, changes, progression, all positive I hope. I'm so excited and relieved to have a focus again. I lost it there for a minute, and it's always a little bit upsetting when that happens. I can't wait to share all of these movements with you! Yayayyayayayayay

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Thanks! x