Choo Choo! 5: A Good Day to Die Hard

My dear clownspeople, I have safely landed into a very rainy Hong Kong (phooey)!

My last few days in Australia were sunny and smooth and shiny, spent working in my lovely job and smiling with my beautiful and topnotch family. Billy and Maggie were also kind enough to lend me their faces during golden hour and I don't think I'll ever get over some of the photos I took, heartbreakers. 

I'm so happy I gave Australia another go. I was worried that I might regret "impulsive bailing" from the British winter, but I think I used my time constructively considering it's basically a holiday country, so pat on the back for me lol.

So Hong Kong is my first stop, I'm here for 3 nights before I meet my brother on Friday. I honestly didn't give this city enough thought to even build up any expectations. I suppose the only other East Asian city I've been to is Hanoi and HKG seems far, far less chaotic, which is a massive relief :)

I'm a sucker for grimy urban architecture, and I instantly noticed how delightfully run down most of the buildings are here. Combined with some fab neon signs and gloomy weather, Hong Kong has already had me running around the centre in the pouring rain. #worthit

I'm excited to discover more of the city over the next couple days. I will share most of my Hong Kong photos when I leave, so keep an eye out!