Choo Choo! 6: All Aboard

My brother/pack-mule and me in a Macanese casino elevator

My brother/pack-mule and me in a Macanese casino elevator

My adoring fans, nihao.

Mere hours remain until I board the first (technically second) of many trains that will wiggle me many miles through China, Mongolia and Russia.

I split this week between Hong Kong, Macao, Zhuhai and Beijing, frantically buying "essential" things that won't fit in my bag. 

After the fastest boat ride I've ever had the horror of experiencing, I met my brother on a sunny Friday afternoon in Macao. We caught a glimpse of the old town, beelined it to a very gold and shiny casino, downed several mojitos and merrily wobbled across the Chinese border with a confidence that only the finest rum can provide.

We spent the rest of the long weekend waltzing around my brother's home of Zhuhai. Although I could never quite "put my finger" on the city, qual time with my brother (a rare commodity) puts a big plus sign on Zhuhai.

Smash cut to me hurtling into Beijing early this morning on low sleep and high stress. Early check in at my hostel was received with a hard "no" so I set about completing the blurry list scrawled on the back of my hand:

Get $

Tea, noodles


In amongst playing charades for directions to the nearest bank, I managed to see a few sights I had no idea were even in Beijing lol. The first was the absurdly policed Tiananmen Square and the second was the far cooler Forbidden City, which seemed to open its gates to pretty much anyone.

And now here I am. All packed, alarm set, tensions high.

I can't f****n wait.

Xie xie