Choo Choo! 7: Homecoming

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Exactly one month passed between taking off in Sydney and landing in London. I rattled my way through three enormous, powerful, notorious countries and covered over 10,000km of the world's most famous railway. I watched landscapes morph, faces change, ideas mutate and toilets rise from the ground.

On top of the obvious novelty of riding the TransMongolian, the persistent transformation of "East" to "West" meant that I was never ever even a little bit bored. I had books and food and podcasts and bloody SIBERIA out my window for god's sake. And though I rarely shared a language with my train pals, we were all going somewhere and we all chose the train. So we shared mountain smiley eyes and sunset wow faces, and that's all it really took to not feel alone. 

Here are photos I took onboard the TransMongolian (chronologically ordered) which I think represent #trainlyf pretty well. I'll also be posting some location-specific posts, so stay tuned!