Yurts So Good

Dear Earthlings,

You will be happy to know that I have emerged from my yurt as a new woman. My time in the Mongolian countryside was brief, but genuinely one of the most beautiful of my whole frRrEaking life.

I was the guest of Yadmaa and Davasuren, two nomadic herders living in the Töv Province, just 50km northwest of Ulaanbaatar. Despite its relative proximity to the capital, this was the most peaceful places I have ever (eVer) had the pleasure of staying in. Just total, total peace. Away from noise, away from people, away from refreshing my f*ckn facebook feed every 10 seconds.

The result was so fulfilling and satisfying and happy. I didn't feel one ounce of boredom in my entire 60 hours, and I can't recall the last time I went that long without feeling some sort of need/pressure to be entertained. Everything was looked after, and in return looked after everything else, so pUre and sO good. I feel truly truly lucky to have had this incredibly fleek experience lol.

me having a "can u believe this sh•t" moment

a compromise between the - 12ºC winds and my shutter speed for some of that sweet sweet milky way

so cosy agh!!!!!!!

yadmaa and davasuren cared for around 30 v cute n friendly pack horses