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Golden Scans

About 3 years ago, I was given a Yashica 635 medium format camera. At the time I assumed it was broken, and it sat alongside all my other cheap antique-shop analogs, gathering dust on my bedroom windowsill.

The unbroken stare of those twin lenses eventually got the better of me and, in June 2016, I "boldly" bought six rolls of 120mm film off eBay. I decided that my mini-trip to Poland and central Europe would be either a very expensive mistake, or the chance to learn about a new kind of photography.

I got each roll developed in cities along the way, but just this week I "took the plunge" and got my three most recent rolls scanned in Sydney. It was even more expensive than I had anticipated but the photos are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy with the ones I have, how special it is to have so many memories revived in such a stunning format. AGH THEY'RE GORGEOUS

I have genuinely never felt so confident as a photographer, I'm so relieved that I actually like these. And what a joy this camera is, I feel like everyone who shoots analog says this, but it is so nice to just slow down and really map out shot, and then for that to pay off?!?!? are u kidding i feel so lucky :))) I think the Yashica and I are soulmates or sthng lol idk is this what Hollywood Love™ feels like?

Photographing Kraków, Poland

Photographing Kraków, Poland

I so so so look forward to what else I can make with this fucken baller camera.

Here are my nine favourite pictures that I have so far. I can't wait to get back to the UK and scan the rest :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these even a fraction of the amount I do.